FaceTracking with just your webcam!


FaceTrackNoIR v200


The upgrade of FaceTrackNoIR was finally finished and the new version released. It contains the next improvements compared to v170:

  • Joystick support;
  • CSV-protocol: a protocol that writes output-data to a file;
  • New trackers, namely:
    • Oculus Rift;
    • Visage facetracker (still in development, a new version of the Visage API was just released);
    • Tobii EyeX support (also still in development, but looks promising already);
    • HAT-tracker, which implements a serial interface for devices like Arduino or Raspberry;
  • Separate curves for left-yaw and right-yaw;
  • gazePoint-support for eye-trackers;
  • Secondary protocol: this enables you to use (for example) two VJoy instances or use the CSV-protocol to record output-values to file;
  • Improvements for the PointTracker;
  • all tested on W7 and W10;

Eagle Dynamics API interface DLL's

32-bit interface DLL

After the quick release of the head-tracking API by Eagle Dynamics, following our petition, the interface for FaceTrackNoIR (and FreeTrack) was developed. Please read the Readme file inside the ZIP for instructions...


You will understand that creating this separate interface (which is also FreeTrack compatible) required considerable effort from our team. We will appreciate it, if you also support this effort by donating...


Remark: With v170, the DCS-games are also supported using the FreeTrack 2.0 protocol. Please check the known issues v170 page, if you are transitioning from v160 to v170.

64-bit interface DLL

Eagle Dynamics has released some games in a 64-bit version, which requires a 64-bit DLL to interface with FaceTrackNoIR. Mind you: FaceTrackNoIR is not 64-bit itself (yet), but it can still work, because a shared memory-mapping was used.