FaceTracking with just your webcam!

Known Issues of v170:

The dummy TrackIR.exe does not start:

Some older games or programs (like EZCA, for Microsoft FSX) require a TrackIR.exe process to run and for that, the feature "start dummy TrackIR.exe" was added to the FreeTrack 2.0 protocol.


This feature does not work, when there are spaces in the installation-path of FaceTrackNoIR!


Please change the installation-path, when running the installer.

FaceTrackNoIR does not start on (some) PC's with an ATI Graphics processor (due to incompatible OpenGL)

santobr posted this about this problem (it kinda accurately describes the problem):

If you have an ATI GPU, you know that ATI driver's team doesn't like standards, they have their own OpenGL without any standard.
So, if your FTNIR loads and then quits without any error, just put the file atioglxx.dll inside the main folder of FTNIR.
Yes, yes, just like IL-2, unfortunately. This is not FTNIR's fault, it is ATI driver's team's fault. There are things that only ATI does for you.

The only thing is that the dll file can be from Catalyst 11.5 or 11.4, because here everybody knows about the same problem with IL-2. These Catalyst's versions were the only versions that were full compatible with the OpenGL standard.

Games that were fixed with TrackIRFixer or which support 2 interfaces act strange or won't work right:

The new FreeTrack 2.0 protocol supports all games, that previously needed fixing with TrackIRFixer. User who used TrackIRfixer will have to re-install the game or 'un-fix' it to it's original state, to work with FaceTrackNoIR v170.


Some games (like DCS A-10C) support multiple interfaces to FaceTrackNoIR. Some games do not handle this well and may cause problems (like the view flying all over the place). Users who experience these problems, can disable one of the interfaces (FreeTrack or TrackIR) via the Settings dialog of the FreeTrack 2.0 protocol.