FaceTracking with just your webcam!


2017-06-23: Release of SimConnect SP2 protocol

After Lockheed Martin released the new 64-bit version of Prepar3D, we were informed by several users that the SimConnect protocol (which had been working for 7 years!) did not function any more. So much for backward compatibility :)


To help our Prepar3D users (and possibly improve support for other sims too), we have now released the new SimConnect SP2 protocol. It can be downloaded from the download page.


Note: You may need to run Prepar3D in "Windows 7" compatibility mode, though this was only reported once...

2017-01-21: Posted a fix for IL2: BoS in the manual page

Some users have contacted us with the problem that the 64-bit version of IL2 Battle of Stalingrad does not seem to work with FaceTrackNoIR. A fix was posted today!.


The release of v201 is iminent: just waiting for a few translations....

2016-11-05: Update game-list

The compatible gamelist was updated and so was the CSV file. If you encounter a game that does not work with FaceTrackNoIR yet, please try the latest CSV file and/or contact us about it.

2016-08-08: Release of the upgrade/fix of the UDP Tracker

Today the new UDP Tracker plugin for FaceTrackNoIR is released. A few small bugs were fixed and the Settinga page expanded: it now presents real-time data about data received.


You can find more information about it on the UDP Tracker page and download the new version on www.facetracknoir.nl.

2016-08-05: Release of the Open Sound Control Tracker or Apple™ Tracker

Today the new OSC Tracker plugin for FaceTrackNoIR is released. In short, the OSC tracker can receive OpenSoundControl messages, which contain headpose-data. The (third-party) App GyrOSC, which supports all Apple™ devices, was used to develop this tracker.


The OSC Tracker can be used to add headtracking to Virtual Reality Apps on smartphones etc., which connect to your PC.


You can find more information about it on the OSC Tracker page.

2016-07-29: Joystick Tracker (supports EDTracker) and HAT-Tracker (for all Arduino, Raspberries etc.)

Today the new Joystick Tracker for FaceTrackNoIR is released. You can find all information about it on the Joystick Tracker page.


I have updated the web-page of the HAT-tracker, which can be used to communicate with every serial device, like Arduino, raspberry etc.

2016-06-17: New features

Some users have sent us requests to expand and improve FaceTrackNoIR and we are glad they do. Some new stuff I'm working on (in my spare time, of course):

  • A webcam utility, so users can modify the parameters of the webcam from within FaceTrackNoIR;
  • Joystick tracker, to support EDTracker and such;
  • Improvements on the CSV-protocol, so FaceTrackNoIR can be used in a scientific experiment;
  • Multi-language user-interface: a neat way to show all texts in your native language. These are the languages we currently have:
    • Chinese;
    • Dutch;
    • English;
    • German;
    • Greek;
    • Spanish.

We are looking for users, who would like to help us translate the user-interface into their language(s)!


2016-04-03: FaceTrackNoIR v200 released!

I am glad to say that feedback for release v200 is very positive. It's a real boost to continue improving FaceTrackNoIR, with new features, trackers etc. Please do not hesitate to give (constructive) feedback: it's the only way we can make it even better!



The upgrade of FaceTrackNoIR was finally finished and the new version released. It contains the next improvements compared to v170:

  • Joystick support;
  • CSV-protocol: a protocol that writes output-data to a file;
  • New trackers, namely:
    • Oculus Rift;
    • Visage facetracker (still in development, a new version of the Visage API was just released);
    • Tobii EyeX support (also still in development, but looks promising already);
    • HAT-tracker, which implements a serial interface for devices like Arduino or Raspberry;
  • Separate curves for left-yaw and right-yaw;
  • gazePoint-support for eye-trackers;
  • Secondary protocol: this enables you to use (for example) two VJoy instances or use the CSV-protocol to record output-values to file;
  • Improvements for the PointTracker;
  • all tested on W7 and W10;

2016-02-27: Upgrading development environment to create a new version

To ensure that FaceTrackNoIR will work in future releases of Windows, work has started to migrate the code to Visual Studio 2013 and Qt 5.5.


The upgrading process is progressing steadily and the major problems have been solved. Most protocols have been tested with success and almost every tracker has also been upgraded.


Some new features have also been added and we are working closely with some very friendly companies, to improve FaceTrackNoIR even more. The Tobii EyeX tracker is coming along nicely and Delan Engineering is helping us with the upgrade of PointTracker.


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