FaceTracking with just your webcam!


Reported 'Working with FaceTrackNoIR':

Any 'WDM-compatible' web cam should be able to work, but of course we are not able to try them all. What we can do, is list the cams that were reported as 'working with FaceTrackNoIR':

Name Brand First to report working Remarks
PK35N A4 Technology Muahaha  
Crystal Eye Acer muplex  
iSight Apple purewhitewings  
LiveCam VF0540 Creative Kremator  
Live! Cam Socialize HD (VF0610) Creative _KaszpiR_ 64bit W7, YUY2 640x480 @ 30 fps
PC VGA Camer@ Plus Gigaware liamp51 64bit W7
Deluxe webcam HP peter 64bit W7
C120 Logitec Eexhaton  
C250 Logitec Joey Gil 64bit W7
C300 Logitec Shadow 64bit W7
C500 Logitec Ronski  
C600 Logitec Vixente  
C920 HD Pro Logitec elelbe  
QuickCam Communicate STX Logitec marcotrapanese  
Quickcam Pro 5000 Logitec j_frost  
S5500 Logitec Xerxes-17  
Webcam Pro 9000 Logitec Burner 64bit W7
Lenovo EasyCamera Lenovo Swoiza  
Lifecam Cinema Microsoft timelessp  
LifeCam HD3000 Microsoft Marek 64bit W7
LifeCam HD5000 Microsoft stein-ove 64bit W7
Lifecam HD-6000 Microsoft sosna1983  
LifeCam VX-1000 Microsoft LarsKR 64bit W7
VX-3000 Microsoft Cross  
VX-5000 Microsoft earthdog  
VX-6000 Microsoft Maverick96  
PV-GS14 DV camcorder Panasonic barcharcraz Goes to powersave after a while
SPC230NC Philips  armapaddy  
PS2 Sony vn88holden  
PS3 Eye Cam Sony inferno34s http://codelaboratories.com/downloads/
SL-6825 SBK Speedlink 13/JG5_Max  
Powerc@m 970Z Trust  V4Friend Goes to powersave after 10 minutes
WB-1400T Trust  armapaddy  
360 Xbox S-M  

Hints & Tips:

Sometimes a camera is not working right away, here are some tips to be able to use FaceTrackNoIR anyway:

  • We have good results with a PS3Eye camera. Since it only costs a few bucks, buying one can be a good choice.
  • If your camera is not recognized properly, or faceAPI cannot access it, a piece of (external) software may help fix the problem. ManyCam is free and has been reported to work with FaceTrackNoIR.



The performance of the web cam not only depends on the make and model. There are a few things you have to consider:

  • Proper lighting is important. Web cams are known to 'throttle back' in fps, when lighting is not sufficient. Indirect light from a source above and behind the monitor works best.
  • On some web cams, exposure is linked with fps. If you think the framerate you get is too low, try adjusting exposure settings.
  • Try connecting an USB web cam to a port that is not used by other USB devices (like through a HUB).
  • Some users have reported that the 'software-suite' that comes with some web cams, may interfere with the face-tracker. Try to disable or remove it, if you experience problems.

We have experienced that it is best to place the web-cam below the monitor.

Operating the PS3 Eye above 30fps:

The PS3 Eye camera was designed for gaming and for that purpose, it can give up to 120 fps. However when the Code Laboratories driver is used it normally operates in 'basic' mode, which will max. at 30fps. If you want, you can switch the driver into advanced mode this way:

  • Create a file called cleye.config in the program-folder of FaceTrackNoIR (the one with with the .EXE in it);
  • Enter this text in the file and save it:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<item name="mode" value="advanced" />

  • Run FaceTrackNoIR;

You should keep in mind that a higher framerate will also require more CPU-power. We only recommend it for faster gaming-machines (quad-core or higher). We would appreciate any feedback from users, who have tried this...