FaceTracking with just your webcam!

Known Issues of v200:

The 64-bit version of IL2: Battle of Stalingrad does not respond to FaceTrackNoIR

It seems that the developers of BoS have made a little mistake there, which you can fix manually:

  • Browse to the installation folder of FaceTrackNoIR (typically C:\Program Files (x86)\Abbequerque Inc\FaceTrackNoIR_v200).
  • Rename the file NPClient.dll to NPClient_org.dll (so you can find it later).
  • Rename the file NPClient64.dll to NPClient.dll: BoS should work now.

Remark: if you want to use another game with FaceTrackNoIR, you probably have to reverse the renaming process...

UDP-tracker: portnumber cannot be entered below 5550 and Yaw, Pitch and Roll are only enabled, when X it too.

The header actually says it all:

  • The portnumber cannot be entered, below 5550;
  • Yaw, Pitch and Roll.are only relayed to FaceTrackNoIR, when the checkbox for X is also checked;

These issues were solved. You can download the fixed DLL from www.facetracknoir.nl.

Besides the fix, the UI for the UDP-tracker was upgraded, so more info is available for the user.

The Steam version of FSX does not respond to FaceTrackNoIR

Apparently the FSX Steam edition does not automatically install the legacy SimConnect interface. The solution is to install it manually:

  • Browse to the installation folder of FSX (typically C:\Program Files\Microsoft Flight Simulator X - Steam Edition\SDK\Core Utilities Kit\SimConnect SDK\LegacyInterfaces\FSX-XPACK.
  • Run the SimConnect.msi installer (you can probably right-click the file and choose "Install").

Dummy TrackIR.exe not starting, when there is a space in the installation-path

A (dummy) process called TrackIR.exe is required by some programs (like EZCA) to enable headtracking. This process is not starting, when there is a space in the installation-path. To fix this problem either:

  • Install FaceTrackNoIR to a different folder, for instance C:\FaceTrackNoIR or
  • Download the fixed DLL from www.facetracknoir.nl.

faceAPI tracker grabs focus, other windows become irresponsive:

The problem is caused by the video-widget, which grabs focus when the tracker starts and the checkbox "show videowidget" is unchecked.


Make sure to check the checkbox, before starting the tracker.