FaceTracking with just your webcam!


2-way Street:

FaceTrackNoIR is 'simply' a program that reads headpose-data from a face-tracker and translates this data into a protocol that another program can read. Doing so there are 2 directions in which compatibility is an issue: from the web-cam to the face-tracker and from the protocol to the 'game'.

Web-cam to face-tracker

Currently, the only face-tracker supported by FaceTrackNoIR is the faceAPI from SeeingMachines. We anticipate others, but well, the wish list is growing enough as it is...

As a consequence, FaceTrackNoIR is only compatible with webcams, that the faceAPI is compatible with. Unfortunately SeeingMachines does not provide a compatibility-list, so the only thing we can do is make a list of webcams users have reported as 'working with FaceTrackNoIR'. Just hit the button on the menu-bar to show the current list.

The faceAPI includes Release Notes. This (short) version of the Notes describes the system and web-cam requirements for using the faceAPI:


faceAPI release notes


On the History page we kind of explain how FaceTrackNoIR has grown and the order in which the game-protocols were implemented. The 1.3 update provides support for all 'TrackIR enhanced' games and that opened the door to a large list of games. Since 1.4 FaceTrackNoIR also supports all Microsoft FS types (from CFS3 up).


We think it's a shame that NaturalPoint is trying to monopolize the head-tracking market, by encrypting the data-stream in the latest version(s). We are glad that some game-developers (like Bohemia) respond in a positive way to the requests of gamers to keep supporting the older protocol(s), or embracing the Free-track protocol. Hit the Games button in the menu-bar to see a list of all games that were reported 'working with FaceTrackNoIR' by enthusiastic gamers.


If you want to report your webcam or game? Please contact us.