FaceTracking with just your webcam!


Games and Simulation Forums:

Since the first release of FaceTrackNoIR we've been quite busy on several forums, to provide support for users. There may be several more, but these are the ones we kind of 'monitor':


FlightGear FreeFalcon SAS1946 ArmA

Our inspirations:

We owe a lot to the SeeingMachines people, for they provided us the faceAPI. As creators of open-source software, we don't believe in Monopolies (well, except for the board-game). The Free-track developers share our opinion on that, and we want to thank them for making the Free-Track protocol available.

Then I think it is only fair to mention NaturalPoint too, because even though their products may be a wee too expensive for us Dutch people, they are a source of inspiration. We hope they will one day see, that open-source is the way to go...


SeeingMachines FreeTrack NaturalPoint

Special Thanks:

I would like to thank Deon van der Westhuysen for creating PPJoy. It's a beautiful piece of work and it's a shame you stopped developing it. My last big 'Thank you' is for Carl Kenner, who created GlovePIE. For programs that are not directly supported yet, GlovePIE is a very useful tool to make things work anyway!