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FreeTrack: the protocol to add headtracking to all FreeTrack and TrackIR compatible games (over 500!).


The FreeTrack-protocol plugin was the first protocol developed for FaceTrackNoIR. Actually it was translated from the open-source Pascal code of FreeTrack.



FreeTrack was the leading free headtracking solution some 10 years ago and it was a great example for us. Development for FreeTrack was stopped and in 2010 we kinda took over.



The FreeTrack protocol uses "memory-mapping" to send data to the game. If you want to incorporate it in your game(s), please contact us about the details.


In 2011 the TrackIR protocol (which also uses memory-mapping) was merged with the FreeTrack protocol. It now supports all TrackIR compatible games too (see Compatible Games for a complete list).


If you have questions regarding the FreeTrack protocol plugin, please post them here: [discussion:freetrack]



  • The protocol supports over 500 games!
  • Little to no settings are required;


The new version of the FreeTrack-Protocol can be downloaded from the download page.

Settings (the text in the picture should explain things):

 FreeTrack settings

Known Issues and limitations:

  • The v200 version of the FreeTrack contained a little bug, causing the dummy TrackIR.exe not to start when there was a "space" in the path to the executable. The fix was implemented in the PluginPack, which can be downloaded from the downloads page;
  • Many games require you to modify a setting (like "enable TrackIR");
  • The FreeTrack protocol needs the (up-to-date) file called "FaceTrackNoIR Supported Games.csv" to determine the name of the connected game. You can find this file in the "Compatible Games" page. Please notify us, if you find a game that works, but is not in the list (yet).
  • When you select "Start dummy TrackIR.exe" or "TIRViews", you may need to run FaceTrackNoIR "As Administrator";