FaceTracking with just your webcam!
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PointTracker (IR-LED tracker, derived from FreeTrack)


Since the FreeTrack developers have stopped their work on their fantastic project, we decided to adopt their tracker. Adding an IR-tracker to a program called NoIR seems strange, but IR-tracking has its merits too!


Patrick Ruoff translated the FreeTrack code and Wim adapted it to Qt5 for FaceTrackNoIR v200. PointTracker has been improved in the process and was tested using the DelanClip successfully.






If you have questions regarding PointTracker, please post them here: [discussion:pointtracker]



3-Point IR-tracking gives great tracking results especially in darker environments.


The current version of the PointTracker is part of the free PluginPack that's available for download from SourceForge. You can find the latest version here:Download Plugins



PointTracker has its own support website. Please check it for a complete list of settings and instructions on how to make you own IR-led clip.

Known Issues and limitations: