FaceTracking with just your webcam!


Current features:

From version v170 on FaceTrackNoIR supports is "modular", so head-trackers, filters and game-protocols can be added easily. The first release of v170 contains three head-trackers, 2 filters and 8 game-protocols. Details of these are in the appropriate sections of this website and/or the wiki on SourceForge . (A bit of patience is appreciated: both sources of information are "under construction" to reflect the changes since v160)


To manipulate the 'raw' headpose-data, FaceTrackNoIR includes a number of functions:

  • Curves for each Degree Of Freedom, that define how actual head-movement is 'translated' to in-game movement. In v170 the curve-editor was redesigned. Editing curves is now easier and more intuitive;
  • Smoothing of the Raw signal;
  • Invert movement (some games interpret +/- differently);

To influence the facetracker while 'in-game', shortkeys and mouse-buttons can be defined to:

  • Center view;
  • Stop/Start the tracker;
  • Disable a defined set of DOF-axis;

INI-files can be used to save these settings 'per game'.

There are also some functions for 'user convenience', which are stored in the Windows Registry:

  • Auto Minimize time. If this settings is larger than '0', FaceTrackNoIR will minimize the specified number of seconds, after pressing 'Start';
  • Auto Start Tracker. If this checkbox is ticked, FaceTrackNoIR will start minimized and automatically start tracking. The last INI-file is loaded (as it always is...);

How to request new features:

A program like FaceTrackNoIR is never quite complete. We want to use the Feature Request Tracker from SourceForge, to give anyone the opportunity to request enhancements: Feature Requests.