FaceTracking with just your webcam!
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Unfortunately, most Trackers produce 'jittery' raw-data and a user would get seasick very quickly, when this data is directly translated into in-game movement. The filter is the piece of software that takes the raw values from the Tracker Source and processes it, to obtain smoother movement. Again, since FaceTrackNoIR v170 is modular, new filters can be added easily. Currently there are two filters:

  • EWMA: the incoming data is averaged over a period of time. Older samples are weighted "less" than new samples;
  • Accela Mk2: the difference between consecutive values is used to determine the next.

The filter can be completely disabled by choosing "None" in this checkbox.



Smoothing was added to remove peaks from the signals too. Consecutive samples are averaged to produce a new value. The higher the value, the slower the response.