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In close cooperation with the Tobii developers we developed a tracker-plugin for the Tobii EyeX. The EyeX sends gaze-point data to FaceTrackNoIR and that data is "translated" into a headpose, which can then be used in games etc.

In addition to the headpose, the gaze-point itself is also relayed to FaceTrackNoIR and game-developers can use that, to (for example) use it to aim.  






If you have questions regarding the EyeX tracker, please post them here: [discussion:tobii]



The EyeX reliably tracks the eyes of the user, in various conditions.


The current version of the PointTracker is part of the free PluginPack that's available for download from SourceForge. You can find the latest version here:Download Plugins


 EyeX status

When the tracker is running, FaceTrackNoIR retrieves data from the EyeX device. The window indicates the presence of a user and the activity of the device.


Tracker algorithm: we have implemented 3 different algorithms to "translate" the gaze-point into a head-pose. Choose the one you think is best for you. The 3 tabs of the Settings-window contain specific settings per algorithm.

  • Absolute View: the gaze-point is converted into absolute Pitch and Yaw values using curves.
  • Freelook 360: the coordinates of the gaze-point are compared to the center-coordinates. The Yaw and Pitch of the headpose are calculated using this "delta" and the settings Deadzone and Sensitivity. This algorithm is most suitable for "cockpit-games".
  • Extended View: the gaze-point is also used to pan Pitch and Yaw, but the range is limited compared to Freelook. This mode is best used for FPS games.
 EyeX status

Known Issues and limitations: