FaceTracking with just your webcam!
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SimConnect: the protocol to add headtracking to Microsoft FSX, Lockheed Martin Prepar3D and others.


The SimConnect-protocol plugin has been around since the first version(s) of FaceTrackNoIR. SimConnect was developed by Microsoft as an add-on for Microsoft FSX and can be used to add a whole number of functions to the flight sim. FaceTrackNoIR uses SimConnect to move the in-game camera.


Today, there are two SimConnect plugins: the original one, built with the very first version of FSX and the new SP2 version. The latter is compatible with more flight-sims, including the new 64-bit Prepar3D V4.


If you have questions regarding the SimConnect protocol plugin, please post them here: [discussion:simconnect]



  • A much more immersive way of flying!


The new version of the SimConnect-Protocol can be downloaded from the download page.

Settings: there are no settings required for SimConnect

Known Issues and limitations:

  • It may be necessary to run Prepar3D in "Windows 7" compatibility mode;
  • EZCA users should use the FreeTrack protocol and not the SimConnect protocol. EZCA uses SimConnect and two programs cannot control the in-game camera concurrently;