FaceTracking with just your webcam!

Known Issues (global):

Windows 7 (64-bit) issues:

The 32-bit version of FaceTrackNoIR can work in W7 64-bit: many users have reported this. However, some have also reported issues, which cause the program to function poorly. We don't exactly know the cause, but there are some things to consider:

  • It may help to install and run FaceTrackNoIR 'As Administrator'.
  • Some issues seem 'virus-scanner' or firewall related. Try to add FaceTrackNoIR.exe to the exceptions.

Some users experience un-ZIPping problems on W7. It may help to unZIP the update(s) to a new folder and then copy all files to the installation folder of FaceTrackNoIR.

"failed to register camera category: Unspecified error" (or "Failed to read friendly name: ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND"):

Very few users have reported this problem and recently we discovered that it is 'codec' related. Some users have solved the problem by un-installing one or more codec-packs, followed by re-installing the device-driver for their web-cam.


Sensenmann reported that he used the program Filmerit to remove some codec-errors. Mind you: using 3rd party software is always at your own risk. (some users have reported problems with Filmerit...)

Joda has recommended an alternative (with more recent release-date) namely: Codec Tweak Tool. If you have problems or success using this tool, please report it in the FaceTrackNoIR forum.

New CPU (i5 or i7) and APIScope error:

The previous version of FaceTrackNoIR (1.5) used an older version of faceAPI, which does not support some of the latest CPU's available. This may cause the APIScope to fail.

This issue was solved in update 1.6, which can be downloaded from the downloads page. Please follow the directions concerning IPP-related errors.

IPP runtime related error(s):

If you experience a similar error like this, after starting FaceTrackNoIR:


or if you experience a 'Waterfall' error, the IPP-runtime library was not installed correctly.

The best way to fix this is:

  • Go to 'Control Panel'/'Add remove software' (or similar), locate IPP-runtime library and un-install it;

  • Download v160 from FaceTrackNoIR from the downloads page;

  • Start FaceTrackNoIR and start the Tracker. It should work now...

  • Optional: try the faceAPI demo. It uses the commercial version from faceAPI, which allows camera-selection.

Low fps:


There are a few problems that cause low framerates to occur.


Web-cam: SeeingMachines has provided a (small) trouble-shooting 'guide', which you can find on the left. In the web-cam section we also describe ways to improve web-cam performance.


CPU-load: SeeingMachines states that a 'Dual core PC' is required to operate faceAPI. We think that this is indeed true. Besides the CPU-load caused by faceAPI itself, games can have a profound influence on CPU-performance. The faster the PC, the better!


Short-keys do not work:

Users have reported, that it may be necessary to run FaceTrackNoIR as Administrator for the shortkeys to work on some systems. Since the shortkeys are configurable, you may have to find a combination that works. You may want to try configuring a US Standard 101 keyboard layout.


ArmA crashes on start-up:

This is a known problem, which also occurs with Free-track. The solution is to just start ArmA2 again: then it will run just fine.

Update: this problem was fixed in update v170.