FaceTracking with just your webcam!
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MouseLook: the protocol to add headtracking to games and applications which do not support headtracking.


Though many games currently support headtracking, there are still applications that don't. For these we have added the MouseLook protocol.


The MouseLook protocol translates the head-movement from the tracker into a mouse-position on the screen. So moving your head left, can move the mouse-pointer left etc. "Serious" applications for disabled people can benefit from this, but also older FPS-games can be improved using this protocol.


In 2017 the MouseLook protocol was improved, so that the mouse can be controlled more accurately.


If you have questions regarding the MouseLook protocol plugin, please post them here: [discussion:open discussion]



  • The protocol supports virtually every application!


The new version of the MouseLook-Protocol can be downloaded from the download page.


MouseLook settings

Mouse style: the mouse position is written using DirectX, which supports two modes: Absolute and Relative. Try which one works best for your application.


Map xyz to: the selected output will be used to write the position of X, Y or wheel.

Sensitivity: the output will respond faster with a higher value. This can also be changed using Windows Mouse settings


Use Virtual Desk: the output is mapped to the entire desktop, not just the visible part.


Algorithm: the FreeLook 360 algorithm modifies the output (of yaw and pitch) based on the difference between consecutive output-values. If the output is within the deadzone, the value is not changed.

Known Issues and limitations:

  • You may need to configure a shortkey to stop the tracker, since it may be a bit tricky to move the mouse manually;