FaceTracking with just your webcam!
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Visage tracker from Visage Technologies


Visage Technologies very actively develops accurate face-tracking solutions. We are trying to keep up, by adding their latest version(s) to FaceTrackNoIR. The new version is scheduled to be released in April 2016.

If you have questions regarding Visage, please post them here: [discussion:visage]



Tracking facial features instead of IR-leds offers a great advantage: no hardware but a simple web-cam is required! So anyone can use the Visage Tracker, almost instantly.


The current version of the Visage Tracker is part of the free PluginPack that's available for download from SourceForge. You can find the latest version here:Download Plugins


Visage Settings

The engine state displays the current status of the faceAPI engine and can be one of the following:

  • OFF: The engine is not running
  • INITIALIZING: The head-tracking engine is trying to acquire a new face.
  • TRACKING: The head-tracking engine is tracking a face.
  • SEARCHING: The head-tracking engine is searching for an existing face.

Using the Enable axis checkboxes each of the 6 DOF's can be enabled or disabled. Disabled means, that the output value will not be sent to FaceTrackNoIR.

Known Issues and limitations:

Lighting and web-cam need to be good.


The current version is configured by settings in the file "Head Tracker.cfg" in the Visage folder of FaceTrackNoIR. The most relevant settings for users may be "camera_device", which enables selection of the video-source. If your webcam is not "the first" in the video-input order, then the value of 0 can be changed into 1 (or higher).